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The Synergetic solution brings together multiple established technologies into new formulations and applications to make net-zero liquid fuels for transport.


To make Net Zero Fuels, Synergetic brings together the following ingredients:

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    Immobile clean power sources, such as geothermal or hydro.

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    Clean inputs, such as air or water.

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    Chemical processing, powered by clean energy.

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    Highly efficient production platforms, such as FPSOs or Gigafactories.

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Energy Sources

high-temperature nuclear

Small high-temperature nuclear systems are on the cusp of being commercialized in the early 2020s. These systems are low-cost and can be right-sized for industrial applications requiring high-quality process heat.

Super Hot Rock Geothermal

Found in very few and remote locations around the globe, tapping into this robust and clean energy source, for the production of Net Zero Fuels, enables the mobilization of immobile energy.

Solar and Wind

Solar and wind resources are often found in places that are not close to the point of demand, rendering them immobile and possibly stranded. Using valuable solar and wind capacity to make Net Zero Fuels, which can be easily transported to the point of demand will harness and mobilize the power of the sun.

Large-Scale Hydro

Large hydroelectric resources that are untapped still exist. They are untapped because they are too remote, or too far from the point of demand, rendering those valuable clean energy resources immobile. Synergetic provides a new opportunity to harness these clean energy sources for the production of Net Zero Fuels, which can be mobilized anywhere on the planet.



Using High-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology to make Green Hydrogen.


Using Direct Air Capture to make clean Clean Carbon.


Using Methane Pyrolysis technology to make Green Hydrogen.



To process syngas into Sustainable Aviation Fuel and other Net-Zero Fuels.


To process Green Hydrogen into Green Ammonia.

Production Platforms


Small power systems, carbon and hydrogen production systems, and processing systems can be built modularly into Floating Production Storage and Offloading platforms that are built serially in shipyards. This offers the most efficient and smallest-land footprint method for modular construction.


Siting Gigafactories in close proximity to large sources of immobile clean energy is a highly efficient way to make Net Zero Fuels, and hence mobilize that clean energy, by then transporting the Net Zero Fuels to the point of demand.

Shipyard Manufacturing

Shipyard manufacturing is proven to be a highly efficient method for large-scale industrial manufacturing. In particular, its ability to reduce land footprints and increase learning and serial construction is demonstrated.

Why It Works

To learn more about the ingredients that go into Synergetic Net Zero Fuels production, please visit the Technologies page or the Beneath the Surface page. This video shows how these ingredients are linked and fit into a flow sheet that sees clean inputs like air or water go into a Synergetic production platform and come out as a Net Zero Fuel, such as Sustainable Aviation Fuel, for example, or Green Ammonia.

Why it works